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I'm OK, You're not OK.

I Am Not Crazy!
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This community is for posting off-the-wall ideas and opinions you have that you know are correct, yet seem to be incorrect by everyone else.

Do you have a book or movie you loved but noone else cared for?

Do you have a crazy conspiracy theory that is, well, just crazy?

Do you like a certain food, or combination of foods, that would make the average joe wretch?

Do you have an idea or concept that is "controversial", yet makes oh so much sense?

Most of all, do you think you are right about this, and everyone else is wrong? Then this community is for you!

Be aware:

1. I am the autocrat of this community. A benevolent one like Tsar Nicholas II, but an autocrat nonetheless. I can delete posts and make users disappear without the need to explain myself.
2. The anonymous are welcome, but be aware that they are second class citizens in my autocracy. As such, I reserve the right to delete your postings at the request of members.
3. I would like you to at least make an effort to spell correctly and use proper grammar, punctuation, capitalization, etc. If someone posts about a misspelling or grammar error in your entry, you reserve the right to edit your entry after the fact and call the corrector post crazy for posting about an error that doesn't exist.
4. Please try to be courteous. If an all-out bitchfest occurs, I reserve the right to make anyone I see fit disappear. Or not, depending on how entertaining the bitchfest is.
5. Jackasses (whatever my definition may be) will be made to disappear.
6. Personal attacks based on information obtained from personal LJs will put you on my jackass list. See rule 5 to find out what happens to jackasses.
7. This is a community oriented towards humor. Please try and have your demeanor in entries and comments reflect this.
8. Try to remember that my perception counts when enforcing these rules, not yours.

That's it. Membership is open, spammers will be removed, and please try to limit your entries to off-the-wall ideas and opinions. Questions? Email justplainbryan @ livejournal.com.