The Pope of Chili Town (justplainbryan) wrote in i_am_not_crazy,
The Pope of Chili Town

The Bowtie Conspiracy...

If you watch enough CNN, MSNBC, CSPAN, or Fox News, you'll notice...them. They are the shadow government, the real rulers of this country, the real "Man". How can you tell them apart from everyone else? Simple.

They wear bowties, all of them.

As we all know, bowties went out of style centuries ago. And yet there are these so-called "pundits" and politicians who wear bowties on a daily basis, in clear violation of any sense of fashion. My suspicion is that they wear bowties so they can be identifiable to other members of the conspiracy, and also to display rank. The more flamboyant and clown-like the bowtie, the higher up that person is.

I'm not crazy. Watch out for them.
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